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I had read good things about Irregular on a couple of message boards and finally tracked down a pack of Brits. Like many manufacturers, Irregular appear to be aiming for moderate detail but good casting. Based on the purchase of just a few figures, they look to be on a par with Essex, Naismith, Chariot and others. However, unlike many of those lines, we are not subjected to dealing with a battalion of dwarves

The overall level of detail is pretty moderate. This fellow has no haversack (I’m just not up to speed on 1815 Brits - had they eliminated this piece of equipment? Perhaps this fellow just dropped his?) The rest of his equipment is distinctly sculpted and easy to distinguish. The cuffs are also molded with lace and buttons. The ammunition pouch has a knob or button on the flap, and so on. The shako is also well sculpted and detail was easy to pick out and paint.

Even better, the proportions here are pretty good. At least the legs are longer than the arms, and thicker too. While his hands are a bit large, his feet and face are well sized. His face is nothing to get excited about, but neither is it an embarrassment. Just a little lacking.


I like this pose, too. It’s not real exciting but this is hard to do a lot with. Still, this redcoat is not off balance, standing on tiptoes, or running like a ballet dancer. This pose connotes strength to me - clearly this soldier is all business.

I ordered the brigade pack and got the following poses:

  • The soldier shown here and 7 more just like him
  • A command set with a (enthusiastic) leader, drummer, and two (identical) flag bearers
  • 12 infantry kneeling at the ready

Kneeling? While the other figures are on a par with the example here in terms of detail and quality, who the hell wants a brigade pack with this kind of assortment?

If you decide to pick up a few Irregulars, pick your poses yourself. The brigade pack is a nice deal IF you get figures you like. The French brigade pack had a similar assortment but with better general use poses as well as a mix of ligne, legere, etc.

Page Last Updated May 1, 2005

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